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Welcome to the Megacities Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Base (MDRM-KB). The purpose of this Knowledge Base is to share and understand disaster risk management sound practices and systems in place in many of the world's most disaster-prone urban environments.

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    The Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) has recently joined the Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative (EMI) in implementing the Cross-Cutting Capacity Development Program (3cd Program) as a collaborative effort between researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to assist megacities in reducing their vulnerability to disasters.

    We encourage local officials, practitioners, researchers, students, and the community in general to access this backsearchable web site and learn more about disaster risk reduction. The web site is a useful tool and information source for urban decision makers, city planners, residents and others who can contribute to the reduction of risk to urban society, environment, and economy. The web site features a collection of searchable Disaster Risk Management (DRM) City Profiles and Disaster Risk Management Sound Practices as well as a collection of other key references and documents. The PDC and EMI Program Implementation Team invite your contributions and feedback.


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    Last updated on August 5, 2008