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Hawaii HAZUS Atlas

Welcome to the Hawaii HAZUS Atlas

Hosted by the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC)

Earthquakes pose a significant risk to an estimated 75 million Americans living in 39 States. The Pacific Disaster Center strives to reduce disaster risk and impacts on human lives and property. To fulfill this mission, PDC equips authorities and communities with information resources to assist with the formation of proactive disaster management and mitigation processes.

Working in close collaboration with the Hawaii State Civil Defense (HSCD) and Hawaii State Earthquake Advisory Committee (HSEAC), PDC has developed the Hawaii HAZUS Atlas (HHA). HHA is designed to provide a better understanding of potential future earthquake scenarios and expected damage loss estimates for Hawaii and Maui Counties.

HHA contains a range of historical and credible earthquake scenarios located in and around the State of Hawaii. Using FEMA’s loss estimation model, Hazards U.S. (also known as HAZUS), HHA contains damage loss calculations for each scenario as estimated by the HAZUS model. With HHA, communities can use HAZUS results to assist in disaster planning before, during, and after a destructive earthquake.

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